Do our thoughts shape how we speak…or?

After reading the article Lost in translation by Lera Boroditsky in the Wall Street Journal the other day, about “…cognitive research suggests that language profoundly influences the way people see the world…”, I got an idea to comment on this through this blog post. Attending the AITI general assembly last week, I had also been thinking in […]


Learning languages on the train

Reading the Financial Times this morning, there was a nice article about how France’s SNCF has started to offer English lessons to commuters on the train. A similar thing is common in Sweden, even though the local train company there was not offering language lessons, but already 10-15 years ago commuters on the train […]

Perché non applicare i concetti di usabilità e accessibilità anche al Content Marketing?

Originally posted on Help Traduzioni – Studio di traduzioni e comunicazione web:
di Daniela Corrado Sempre più spesso sentiamo i grandi guru del marketing consigliare di usare Facebook e i social network in maniera intelligente: pianificando una linea editoriale precisa e strategie di comunicazione targeted oriented.  Cosa significa? È molto semplice. In pratica, si tratta…